Founder & CEO
Kelly brings his Special Creative skills to the table, as he has lead in his entrepreneurship for over 25 years in the hotel, food, beverage and entertainment industries. He has also contributed his skills to the retail industry as well. Creating and teaching other entrepreneurs how to develop and deploy a valued strategic marketing technique of his own that has left a line of successful people behind him. He will lead the way through the obstacles that lay in front of the process of getting through to the millions of people that know little to nothing about cryptocurrency and how to use it.


Henson has a penchant for helping develop business models from emerging technologies. He has been instrumental in the creation of a number of companies that are now worth billions of dollars. (i.e. Nickelodeon, MTV and CMT)
He has turned his interests to the burgeoning blockchain technology to help develop successful business models, particularly in the cryptocurrency and ICO areas. He serves as special advisor to the Founder of cryptococktailcoin.


Field Operations Executive
Tim is a expert in field operations as he has ran crews up to 600 people spread out over 35 jobs at one time as a superintendent, He has been in charge of projects for Apple/Disney/USC/Trade tech/Los Angeles International Airport/Kaiser Hospitals/and his list goes on. His abilities to Hire and train field personal and to foresee problems in scheduling and cost driving occurrences that would impact the quality of the service we will deliver to any giving situation, are impeccable. He is an outstanding individual with his attitude for positive solutions and little to no excuses for failure.


Sherri Lynn Has over 30 years in the administrative field for Larson Distributing and Wyndham Resorts and has owned and operated her own restaurant and has been involved in the gaming industry for the past few years. With her skills of organization with the day to day up keep of the activities related to financial planning, record keeping, billing and office operations, her management skills will bring an exquisite level of operation to the office and it’s procedures and processes. Being part of this team will enable further ideas and growth into the future of cryptococktailcoin


Business Development
Melissa Carroll is a marketing, public relations and business development professional with more than twenty years of experience. Her boutique creative agency, Total Asylem Marketing & PR consults a wide array of local, national and international clientele. She is co-founder of BRK, Inc. (BRKK), an equity shareholder of Bumpershoot Entertainment, LLC, The Project Manager of Fort Worth VISION 20/20, an equity shareholder and Marketing/Branding Executive of Global Green Sciences, LLC, as well as an environmental advocate and a critical thinker.


Director of Communications
Lisa Graston is a marketing, communications and business development professional with an MBA specializing in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from one of Canada's top business schools. She has over 3 years of experience working with startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses on strategies for growth. She has also had extensive experience in the hospitality industry working in operations management and digital marketing.


Developer/Software Engineer
Web developer & graphic designer, experienced in various programming languages. Worked on many international projects. Obsessed with reading and self development. Outgoing and friendly person. Can be funny sometimes.


Social Media Expert
He is a creative social media expert with 4 years of experience managing professional social media accounts.


Business Strategist
Collins is an astute blockchain technology consultant, business strategist and developer. He offer's the following services efficiently: Whitepaper writing, ICO advisor and consultancy, Creation of Smart contracts, ICO/IEO Preparation, Marketing