Company Introduction

Our story

Colossal Enterprises LLC. is a fast growing company in the merchants field of public commerce. We have come up with the solution to bring together merchants & patrons on a joint journey into the new frontier of crypto currency. We are rapidly expanding into many industries across the United States deploying it's newly created marketing strategy in cryptocurrency.

Colossal Enterprises takes pride when it comes to Creating, Developing and Deploying our unique strategies within the Marketing field of all industries throughout the U.S. while looking to build and develop strong business relationships and opportunities.

We have created a program for the merchants to increase their revenue while receiving free marketing and support in return for providing the cryptocurrency users discounts and free merchandise.

Our program is like no other, We make it easy for the merchant to accept and process the new world cryptocurrency with little to no knowledge of what it is. while making it easy for the novice crypto coiner to buy and use our token as an everyday commodity in the many establishments within the multiple industries.

Colossal Enterprises strongly believes this is the new beginning of the journey into the new frontier of cryptocurrency within the public.

Our Coins

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In Progress
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Merchant Program

Merchants that wish to participate, or to learn more about the benefits and FREE MARKETING of our program and how to join.

Consumer Program

Customers wishing to participate or to learn more about the benefits (DISCOUNTS and FREE MERCHANDISE) they will receive when using our utility token at the participating establishments.

Instructional Videos

To learn every thing you need to know about this new frontier of the new world currency coming to a merchant near you and how to use it.

Our Partners

Merchants that wish to participate in in our program

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